10 Top Tips to Beat Those Winter Blues

With Christmas and New Year just behind us, we are right in the middle of winter. The short days, dark nights and cold weather often brings around a bout of winter blues.

There has been a lot of attention on the festive season, but once turns up, many of us sink into mild depression. The urge to curl up and hibernate can be very strong, but it’s important to fight back and start living your life to the full, come rain or shine.

My Favourite Voucher Codes has got 10 of the best ways to beat those winter blues.

10. Stick to New Year’s resolutions
Many people start the New Year with the best intentions, but by the second week of January, it all seems a little bit too much like hard work. If you want to feel better about yourself, set realistic resolutions and stick to them.

9. Enjoy yourself
After weeks and weeks of buying presents, indulging in food and drink, and generally celebrating, January can be quite depressing. However, it doesn’t have to be Christmas to spend on yourself.

8. Get out of the office
Your job can often seem like the most important thing in the world, after all, it does pay the bills. But remember, if you’re spending too much time at work, are you getting to see your loved ones as often as you should?

7. Catch 40 winks
With the dark nights and mornings, it’s easy to oversleep throughout winter. While we do need our sleep, we need the right amount of sleep. By sleeping too much ad for too long, you might end up feeling more tired. Try to get between seven and eight hours a night, even at the weekends. If you start to lag by the afternoon, have a 30 minute nap instead of those long lie-ins.

6. Start eating healthily
You don’t have to aim to lose weight or start some crazy celebrity diet to feel better about yourself, just eating healthy food will give you the vitamins and minerals you need.

5. Reduce caffeine intake
We drink hundreds, maybe thousands, of cups of tea and coffee over our lifetime, but caffeine can make you feel worse after its temporary lift. If you often find yourself with a mug in hand, switch it for herbal tea.

4. Go on an alcohol detox
Over Christmas and New Year you probably indulged in one too many alcoholic drinks. Did you know that alcohol is actually a depressant? Rather than helping you feel better, drinking can sink you deeper into depression. Switch wine and beer for a refreshing glass of ice cold water instead.

3. Jet off on holiday
The sun is a great source of Vitamin D, and without it we can start to feel miserable. So, instead of sulking around at home this winter, why not jet off somewhere exotic for a bit of winter sun.

2. Exercise
Chances are, you’ve been meaning to start making the most of that gym membership for quite some time. Well, there’s no time like the present. Regular exercise can help relieve stress and release endorphins, helping you feel much happier.

1. Socialise with friends
The holiday season is often filled with unexpected visits from old friends, catching up with work colleagues and spending days with family members. This social interaction can be sorely missed once the festivities are over. Make a social date at least once a week to boost your mood.

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