How Achieving Your Resolutions Will Improve Your Life Fulfillment

Making New Year’s Resolutions is easy, it’s keeping them that requires effort and determination. The New Year’s Resolution Show spoke to Misha Nestor, CEO of LifeTracker, about the relationship between achieving goals and life fulfiment, and how modern technology can help you more easily meet those targets you set for yourself.    

With 2017 just around the corner, many of us will be looking closely at how we can improve our lives in the upcoming year by setting a list of ‘resolutions’ to challenge ourselves with. This list typically ranges from promises such as ‘don’t eat any chocolate’ or ‘shed that Christmas pudding belly’ to ‘book a holiday’ or ‘find a new job’.

Yet despite having the best intentions, it’s become a bit of a norm in the UK to give up on our resolutions fairly early on, or – to make ourselves feel better – ‘put it off’. While it certainly isn’t giving up, all it means is one way or another, we are delaying achieving our life goals and ambitions.

New LifeTracker research highlights this trend for giving up on our resolutions – whether it is conscious or subconscious. It reveals that almost half of us (45%) have admitted to putting off joining the gym, while a quarter of people have postponed plans to see friends. A further 28% of people also disclosed how they have pushed other ‘life tasks’, such as sorting out their CV, to the bottom of their to do lists. 

The research also determined a very clear link between our overall life satisfaction and our ability to complete our resolutions. This is useful to know, as the sad story at the moment is that a huge 87% of us are dissatisfied with our lives, with the struggle to achieve life goals to blame (85%).  

Don’t give up on your dreams 
That said, people don’t want to just give up - 82% of us want to make a physical change in our life in order to increase fulfilment levels. However, the same amount of people also feel blocked from achieving their resolutions in some way; either due to not knowing how to make a change, not having the time to do it or just having zero motivation. 

This feeling of obstruction to our fulfilment is not something we should dismiss. As busy human beings we need time and inspiration to accomplish those little things that get us closer to our goals – making that call, booking that appointment, signing up for that course – all of which are challenging when we are constantly reminded how hectic life can be.

The relationship between achieving our goals and fulfilment are supported by Hilda Burke, a leading psychotherapist, couples counsellor and life coach. She commented on the findings: "It doesn’t surprise me that 85% of people feel that they’re struggling to achieve their life goals. I see the frustration that this triggers in many of the clients who come to see me. I believe that authentic success stems from the feeling that we have when we know we’re reaching the goals we ourselves have set. This may be a very different set of achievements than those that would inspire envy in our neighbours, our colleagues, our friends and family. To actually follow through on the things we set out to do, no matter how small, builds confidence in our own abilities and can inspire us to on to achieve much greater things."

How technology can help, not hinder  

In a bid to see through the chaos, we often turn to technology to help - setting reminders, to-do lists and trackers in an attempt to keep on top of what we should be doing and by what point. However, we all know how easy it can be to neglect our reminders, especially when they frustratingly pop up right at the moment when you’re in the middle of something else and you can’t do anything about it. This typically means by the time you need it, you’ve completely forgotten about it, and once again nothing has been done. 

So what’s the answer? We constantly look to our phones to help remind us but it’s not always enough. Yet what if there was a mobile application that was so intelligent, that it completely understood you and your routine?

What if this app just knew the right moment to remind you about the tasks that really matter to you, the tasks that get you closer to your ultimate goal and gave you the best chance to follow through on your resolution?

If this sounds like a distant dream, think again. The relatively new concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is shaking up the way that we achieve our life goals and, eventually, feel completely fulfilled. Often wrongly perceived as being overly invasive and ‘Big Brother’, AI has the power to essentially become our own digital ‘alter ego’ - a personal companion that allows us to accomplish the things we want to, by augmenting and enhancing our human capabilities.

Apps such as LifeTracker are helping to incorporate this new use of AI by learning from our routines in order to assist with our daily lives, informing us of our decisions at the most appropriate moments. This ultimately helps enhance our life satisfaction as we finally feel that sense of achievement – perfect for if you want to learn something new, get the most out of your free time or spend more time with the people you love!

Beat your resolutions and experience fulfilment 

Achieving your goals when the moment is right, is absolutely essential. We can only really achieve the things we want to, when we truly make time for ourselves. There is a need to overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed about the challenge or time required for our resolutions and actively start applying the old saying of ‘don’t put off tomorrow what can be done today’.

To actually follow through on the things we’d set out to do, no matter how big or small, is the key to building up our confidence in our own abilities and inspire us to live a much happier, fulfilled life. 

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