New Year, a new way with money

By this time it’s likely that many of the New Year’s Resolutions made will have fallen flat already!
Money related New Year Resolutions account for 42.5% of all resolutions made (Statistic Brain), but 80% will be broken by February (UK Business Insider).

What will these resolutions typically consist of?  Amongst the most likely statements..


  • I will save X amount of my income
  • I will ensure my income rises this year
  • I will fully commit to my business this year
  • I will stop wasting money on things I don’t actually need
  • This year, I will get rid of resistance towards reaching my goals and ignore the usual temptation I feel to sabotage my efforts by going on a spending spree.

What if we NEVER had to make another New Year’s Resolution about our finances ever again?  Wouldn’t it be nice to feel relaxed and confident about money – even if we still had debt?  Comfortable about our income, income goals, our bills?  Confident around how we felt about our savings or at least the confidence to pull our head out of the sand and create a plan to rectify their lack of?!?! 

That is possible, but not without considerable work on our MINDSET around Money! 

If you’ve been in business a while, it’s likely that you will have heard about the benefits of having a ‘Positive Money Mindset.’  It will ensure you don’t sabotage the monumental efforts you make to build your business, ensure you charge your worth, get paid fairly and don’t leave money on the table.  It will give you the confidence to negotiate on the best business deals and terms, while also ensuring that you don’t leave money on the table when it comes to sales – whether that be a product, service or other commodity.

So how do you GET a positive Money Mindset and what can you do about a negative one? 

As with most things, you have to invest to progress.  Most business owners, entrepreneurs or wannabe entrepreneurs have considered investing in or have invested in a Business Coach to help grow their business.  This can often cost thousands of pounds with little or nothing to show for it afterwards.  This isn’t about bad-mouthing business coaches, but rather to help people realise the reasons WHY the advice they give often doesn’t work.  The reason?  Because it’s hard to get into massive action if you’re experiencing a ton of resistance around it.  Why?  Because logically, of course we want to grow our businesses and increase our income, but we also have a huge number of reasons NOT to do that. For example: subconsciously we may be thinking..

  • It doesn’t feel SAFE for me to be successful/earn a lot of money in my business.
  • If I become successful or rich, it will upset my family and they may not accept me. People may take advantage of me.
  • Rich people are greedy and selfish, and I don’t’ want to be viewed as greedy or selfish.

All of the above are related to how you’ve been ‘programmed’ around money and success.  Ask yourself How was success and money viewed in my childhood homes and how have I grown up adopting the beliefs of those around me?

I don’t want to fail

Of course we don’t!  But a deep rooted fear of failure can stop us taking any action at all, or sabotaging the positive action we do take.. If we don’t take any action, we can’t fail so often we think 'I’ll just carry on staying small and keeping my business as a hobby'.

I have a fear of SUCCESS, not just failure

This is actually more common than one might think, and is the biggest reason many people hold back from growing their business or achieving their career goals.  People are often fearful of how success could impact their relationship – it might upset the balance of  their partner being the ‘breadwinner’ for example, and raise questions such as ….How on earth would I cope with balancing my business, children, husband, home and would there be any time left for me and my exercise and social time that I valued so much?

First steps towards solving these issues

Awareness is the first step.  By getting the clarity on what your issues are, you’ll be able to decide on your next step towards resolving them.  For a few, being aware is enough to make a change, but for the majority of people, adopting a positive money mindset without any outside support is way harder.

So what else can I do?
Investing in a Money Mindset Coach or programme is the obvious, most effective and speedy way of addressing any and all of the issues you may have around charging your worth and no longer sabotaging your financial success.  But when you’re nervous or resistant to doing that, how do you get out of the cycle of being scared to invest in the very thing that’s going to make a difference?

Money Mindset Coaching doesn’t have to be expensive.  There are many courses out there but if you want one with LIVE, IN PERSON support over a prolonged period of time to ensure the changes you make are lasting, Check out Elizabeth Mary Hancock’s £50k Mindset Programme.

Is it limited to £50k?  Want to earn more than that next year?  No problem!  Liz says that £50k is just the starting point because so many people beginning their entrepreneurial journey would be ecstatic to get to that point.  It’s no good working on a figure that is so far away it feel unobtainable – you have to feel comfortable and confident about it, even if it’s going to be a stretch to reach it! What IS effective is to build up to it - if you feel comfortable earning and managing an income of £50k, then it’s easy to build on this as your income grows.  The two go hand in hand!

This year make your New Years Resolution simple: Get control of your money, and stop it controlling you!

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