The New Year's Resolution Show is a content destination for quality New Year's resolution themed editorial, contributed content, branded content, a social media community, a media relations platform, and upcoming TV show and live event where you can demonstrate the activities, services and benefits you offer to people looking to start a journey to get more out of life. By signing up for an account and purchasing credits - which you can do below - you can submit articles for publication to the NewYearsResolutionShow. Everytime one of your articles receives a unique visit, you will be rewarded a credit. Once you earn 1000 credits you will be able to place another article for free. What's more, it's a great way to monitor the performance of your content. Exhibitors at our live events will be given 5000 credits to post articles for free. The editor of only accepts good contributed editorial and branded content in the following primary New Year’s resolution sectors:

  • Health & Weight Loss
  • Personal Finance & Efficiency
  • Leisure & Travel
  • Relationships & Family Life
  • Education & Skills

However, other genuinely New Year’s resolution related articles that don’t fit within these sectors will be considered. Each article you submit will be reviewed by an editor, and will only be published if it is deemed to be of direct relevance to the NewYearsResolutionShow website, its editorial focus (as outlined below), its intended audience and it is of the editorial quality required. If your article is rejected, your account will be credited with the requisite amount of credits. Repeated rejection of articles by editors will result in a refund being offered for unused credits (except credits earned for unique visits) and your banning from the site. Only solid editorial that actually provides solutions to people’s New Year’s resolution goals will be considered for publication. The objective of the digital magazine is to offer people solid information, facts, hints and tips, expertise backed up with evidence to help people to fulfil their goals. We welcome personal case studies and stories about how people achieved their goal. Other articles should focus on tackling a common New Year's resolution, issue or problem and then suggest ways to tackle it. Any article which is deemed to be about an unusual New Year's resolution must include a reliable statistic that qualifies the number of people who have selected it as a goal. That said, we expect articles to include product and service names (not in the headline and not too overtly within the copy), web links to further information, and Twitter and Facebook links for people to find out more information.

To submit articles follow the following steps:


2) Verify your registration in your email.

3) SIGN IN TO THE WEBSITE (Otherwise you'll face lots of Captcha exercises so we try to prevent those nasty spammers.) 4) PURCHASE CREDITS FROM BELOW: for consideration by the New Year's Resolution Show, first sign-up please email the editor on

Get 1000 Credits Equates To One Article

Get 3000 Credits Equates To Three Articles

Get 5000 Credits Equates To Five Articles

Get 10000 Credits Equates To Ten Articles


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