6 top tips to stay vegan after Veganuary

Dominika Piasecka from The Vegan Society explains how to do your vegan New Year’s resolution right.

New Year’s resolutions are in full swing now, but not everyone sticks to them as rigidly as they’d like. If this year you’ve decided try veganism through Veganuary, it means you took up a resolution to not only benefit yourself but also others – and you hopefully want your January experiment to last forever.

Four ways to eat yourself healthy in the New Year

While many New Year's resolutions messages are about cutting down and eating less, you don’t need to starve yourself this January to achieve your healthy weight goals – there are actually many foods we could and should all be eating more of. The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) shares the four best types of foods to eat more of this year to help you ditch the detox and add some oomph to your New Year’s resolutions, all year round.  

Wholegrains – brown rice, wholemeal breads, brown pasta, whole rye and other grains like bulgur wheat and spelt.

Go Bananas for Plantain This New Year

The New Year is the time when many Resolve to find exciting but healthy alternatives to our culinary guilty pleasures.  Well, Lisa Roukin, the successful chef and author of cookbook ‘My Relationship with Food’, has developed some fantastic grain and gluten free recipes filled with fantastic health benefits using a super Banana known as the Plantain.


Just What the Doctor Ordered with Dr Zak's

The New Year's Resolution Show went to Leisure Industry Week in Birmingham and interviewed Dr Zak's. Dr Zak's is a hgh protein functional foods brand, aiming to provide healthy alternatives to common products.

A Souper Way to Start the New Year

As the hangover from the Christmas season begins to subside, it’s no surprise the nation’s focus is back to wellbeing, with more than half of Brits (54%) planning to eat more healthily. Every year sees Britons embrace a number of health food trends, from spiralizing to sprouting, juicing to fermenting – however the one to pay attention to is ‘souping’, according to research by Knorr.

Authentic New Year Holiday Food Experiences

Millions of Britons every year use the New Year to plan their next holiday without putting any thought into the food they are going to eat whilst overseas. While it may be easy to go into a recognised chain for a burger and fries, you won't experiencing the true delights of your chosen destination’s local cuisine. So when planning your New Year holiday, it could be the perfect time to Resolve to stay away from the fast-food diners, and tourist trap restaurants.

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