Just the Isotonic with iPro Sport

The New Year's Resolution Show went to Leisure Industry Week in Birmingham and interviewed iPro Sport. iPro Sport is an all-natural isotonic sports drink that, rather than using simple sugars, is based on complex carbohydrates from stevia and maltodextrin.

Is a Yoga Retreat What You Need This New Year?

When making those New Year Resolutions we tend to focus on the things right in front of us; be it our weight, our general fitness, finding love or taking better care of our finances. When we do Resolve to “see the world”, we often try to pack too much in, and end up more stressed at the end of our holiday than at the start.  But one travel company recommends you take some time to focus on yourself, and take advantage of a tranquil yoga retreat.  

Hottest Adventure Destinations for This New Year

With the New Year being the time when most look to plan a holiday, and January being the month when most travel experiences are sold; perhaps this will be the New Year when you Resolve to do something really adventurous on your travels. When it comes to knowing what’s on the radar for travellers looking for a new and culturally adventurous trip, the experts at G Adventures have their fingers firmly on the global pulse. Here they identify the top 10 destinations for travellers in 2017.


A ‘Resolution Translator’ claiming to help people discover the perfect travel destination tied to their New Year's resolutions has discovered some interesting popularity of certain resolutions.

Fewer Smokers & Year-Round Healthy-Eating Change UK's Resolutions

Modern day New Year’s resolutions include cutting back on social media, travelling more, leaving work on time - and taking fewer selfies, a study conducted by Thomas Cook has found.

While age-old resolutions such as dieting and giving up cigarettes are still on the list of pledges for January, a dwindling number of smokers and year-round healthy-eating have seen a host of other resolutions become popular.

eHarmony.co.uk Helps New Year’s Resolution Show Ticket Holders Find Love with Discounted Membership

Finding love was a New Year’s resolution for 64% of singles in the run up to New Year in 2015 so, eHarmony.co.uk, one of the UK’s most popular relationship sites, is offering ticket holders a whopping 78% off its membership at the New Year’s Resolution Show.

Art Resolutions That Release Your Inner Rebel

Want to feed your creative desires and get arty in the New Year? Those looking to find an edgier art form can look a little wider, and maybe opt for spray cans instead of pencils, paint brushes and charcoal. Alice Cornelius went to Graffik Gallery on Portobello Road to learn more about the enigmatic art form that is graffiti. 


Most of us will admit that getting healthy and fit is probably our most recurring – and most difficult to achieve – New Year’s resolution. Whether we’ve put on a bit of weight over Christmas or have been unhappy with our waistline for a while, it’s hard to escape the reminders that we need to do something about it. The TV ad breaks are plagued with adverts for celebrity fitness DVDs, and the magazines are keen to share the latest faddy diets. Finding the motivation to go to the gym alone can actually be quite arduous, so perhaps using Be Inspired to find a new hobby or team sport is the answer.


Enjoy some bounces and lose some ounces in the New Year

Air Space – Europe's largest indoor trampoline park – announced the unveiling of FREESTYLE FITNESS, a unique fitness class that combines trampolining, parkour and dynamic/static exercises for the ultimate full-body workout.


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