The Rules of Dating Revealed

With over half of all single Britons using their New Year’s Resolution as a spur to find new love, it is important that they understand the unwritten rules of the dating scene. Too many kisses on a text, sending a Facebook friend request and taking longer than 15 minutes to respond to a message all put pay to a second date, according to new research.

Resolve to Show you Care This New Year

While the New Year is generally a time when many Resolve to improve themselves, it can be equally as important to use the New Year to demonstrate to those close to you that you still care about them. Cooking someone’s favourite meal, making them a cup of tea without being asked – and watching a TV show or film you hate but know they enjoy are among the top ways to show you care, a study has found.

The Ideal New Year’s First Dates Revealed

Britain is a nation of daters, and the New Year is one of the most active times for dating, as those New Year’s Resolutions to find new love start to take hold.   

So, you’ve been on your dating app or website, or possibly just taken a chance and asked out a stranger; but the next step then becomes deciding what to do. How do you make that first date extra-special and stand-out from the dating herd?

Top Tips to Spice up Your Sex Life in the New Year

If the post-Christmas malaise has left you feeling that your relationship has lost it’s spark, then treat this New Year as the perfectopportunity to spice things up. Adam Lewis, founder of award winning sex toy brand Hot Octopuss, and designer of award winning sex toy, PULSE, has pulled together his top five tips for keeping your sex life hot in the cold first few months of the New Year:

Don't Get Caught by a Catfish This New Year

Finding Love in the New Year is one of the top Resolutions for singletons, with 64% resolving to find a new partner in 2015. January also sees a surge in membership of dating sites, with reserach from online dating site Match showing that January 5th beats February 14th for the busiest dating day of the year.  Since the first online dating site appeared over 20 years ago, millions have made lasting friendships and relationships and there’s no better time to start looking than the New Year.

But there is a sinsiter underbelly to the dating scene, and here are our top tips to avoid getting caught up in an on-line scam.

Money Worries are Costing Brits 71 Sleepless Nights a Year

Attending to your personal finances was second only to improving health and wellbeing as the nation’s top New Year’s Resolution. So if you are worried about your finance, you are far from alone. The average Brit is suffering more than 70 sleepless nights a year over money worries, according to new research.

The Secret To A Perfect Relationship: A Good Cup Of Tea

For those who are looking to put the spark back into their relationship this New Year, new research seems to indicate that the secret may be making their New Year’s Resolution learning how to make the perfect cuppa.

Smartphones Take Centre Stage in New Year Relationships

The New Year is a time when millions of us review our relationships status, with over half of all singletons resolving to find love in an average year. If you are taking a leap into the dating world in the New Year, or even if you are in a relationship already, the chances are that a large proportion of your interactions will take place via your phone.

There are over 40 million smartphone owners in the United Kingdom and the devices are certainly having an impact on our day to day lives, including our romantic pursuits.

Top 5 First Date Turn-offs

While many will make their New Year's Resolution to get out on the dating scene and find love, it is just as important to ensure you make the right impression when you do find yourself face to face with a prospective partner. New research conducted by Europe’s largest dental treatment provider, mydentist, has revealed the top five things that could stand in the way of a blossoming romance, and turn those New Year dates into confidence sapping disasters.

Magician Helps Create Truly Magical Proposal

With relationships being high on the agenda at New Years, and many resolving that this could be the year to take the leap and pop the question; one man has set the bar inordinately high for those looking to impress their partner with a memorable proposal. A romantic man went the extra mile to create the UK’s most magical marriage proposal, using a street magician to help him pop the question in one of London’s busiest shopping centres. 


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