New Year, a new way with money

Wealtth coach Elizabeth Mary Hancock suggests that we can attract more money by addressing our money mindset

New Year, New Language...New Job?

Many look at the New Year as a time to Resolve to Be More; whether that means looking for a better job or learning a new language. But according to new research, you could kill two birds with one stone, as a new language may make you more desirable to employers.

Five top tips to eat well for less in the New Year

With the festive season over, many of us all over the country are looking to the New Year as the perfect time to make a difference in our lives. Some will it be resolving to eat better, while others will look to make taking better care of their finances their main New Year’s Resolution.

The New Year’s Resolutions Show spoke to Ewen Crilley, Hospitality Operations Trainer at the University of Derby, who thinks that if you making it your mission to be both healthy and save money in the New Year, you should forget crash diets and costly weight-loss products, but instead follow a few simple steps that will enable you to eat well without burning a hole in your pocket.

New Research Finds CVs Recruiters Crave

With nearly 1 in 3 Britons having job seeking among their New Year’s to-do list, it may be that the New Year is the perfect time to blow the dust off that Curriculum Vitae and make sure it passes muster. But new research has shown that it is not your skills or education that are most enticing to recruiters, but how much experience you have. 

Top Financial Tips for the New Year

The amount of spending during Christmas encourages consumers to reflect on their finances in the New Year, to try to find ways to save money in different areas of their lives

Wealth Dragons, the brainchild of dynamic British entrepreneurs John Lee and Vincent Wong, share the following basic yet important advice when considering money-saving tips for the New Year.

Don’t let "Financial ignorance" Be Bliss This New Year

Financial New Year’s Resolutions are second only to health and fitness as the most common made by Britons, and according to new research, that is not surprising. Researchers investigating the nation’s attitude towards money matters have discovered millions of people are not getting to grips with their finances, and many have little or no detailed understanding of their own financial position.

Put Financial Fitness First This New Year

Every New Year millions across the country attempt to to stop smoking, try a new hobby, or shift the extra weight from all those Christmas mince pies. But bank account provider thinkmoney is asking people to think about their financial fitness this January and to ditch any bad spending habits that hold them back.

One in Three Ready for New Year Creative Career

Every year millions of Britons resolve to make a change in their work situation, with finding a new job one of the top New Year’s Resolutions. But new research has shown that over a third of us are ready to log off from their desk-bound jobs entirely and launch a creative career.

A study of 2,000 UK adults shows 35 per cent want to study subjects such as photography, music and interior design – rather than carry on with their existing roles. In fact, if money were no object eight in 10 people would leave their jobs immediately to pursue a fine craft profession.

Get Your Finances Into Gear This New Year

Taking control of your finances is one of the most common New Year’s Resolutions, a perfect illustration that millions all over the country will be worrying about money this New Year. Not being in control of your money can be stressful and make you worry, especially after the money draining festive period.  

The New Year’s Resolution Show spoke to bad credit car finance specialists Reufused Car Finance and they gave us their tips for getting your finances under control so you can enjoy life more.

Saving Top of this Year's Resolution List

As the UK starts on its New Year’s Resolution list, money matters are firmly on the agenda with the majority of people (78%) saying they plan to save next year and a third of that group, (34%) saying they will save more than in 2016.  The research, from new challenger bank Masthaven, finds that many will be saving with distinct goals in mind, with an estimated £4,000 each being put aside.


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