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Millions of Brits injuring themselves by pushing too hard at the gym

A poll of 2,000 gym-goers revealed adults will hit the gym to keep up with friends but in doing so they fall foul and treat a simple fitness session as a competition.

Some push harder to be better than fellow health buffs and others will test their boundaries in a bid to impress, whatever the reason, this ‘go hard or go home’ mentality is resulting in injuries up and down the country.

Masterclass: Breaking Bad Habits in 2018

masterclass helps break your bad habits in 2018

Breaking a bad habit is simpler than you might think, says Dr Judson Brewer, a thought-leader in the field of habit-change and self-mastery – and the presenter of a new, hour-long “Masterclass” on “Breaking Bad Habits”, on, the meditation app just named Apple’s iPhone App of the Year for 201

Four ways to eat yourself healthy in the New Year

While many New Year's resolutions messages are about cutting down and eating less, you don’t need to starve yourself this January to achieve your healthy weight goals – there are actually many foods we could and should all be eating more of. The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) shares the four best types of foods to eat more of this year to help you ditch the detox and add some oomph to your New Year’s resolutions, all year round.  

Wholegrains – brown rice, wholemeal breads, brown pasta, whole rye and other grains like bulgur wheat and spelt.

Have A First-in-a-lifetime Holiday This Year

When it comes to New Year's resolutions, everybody dreams of once-in-a-lifetime holiday. There are some destinations, however, that deliver such incredible experiences that guests are compelled to go back again. After trying it out for the first time, they can't help turning that once-in-a-lifetime trip into a regular holiday destination. Two such adventurers, Pam and Bob McKeon from Gatley in Cheshire, found this out when they called local travel specialist, New Zealand In Depth, in 2014 and booked their dream trip away.

Let Some Beetroot Juice Fuel You Up In The New Year

With so many fitness and sports goals set for the New Year, you would probably want some fuel for your body to get started. Whether you're just an amateur fitness lover or a professional athlete, the new beetroot juice Nitrate 3000 by BEET IT is just what you need to boost your sports power.

New Year Fitness Goals Failed No More

Being in the health and fitness industry for over 12 years, James Trevorrow at Virgin Active shares his top 5 winning traits to help you get going on your fitness journey.

Zumba® Experts Shimmy you into the New Year

Leading Zumba® Experts Provide Insight to Help Make a Huge Difference in Overall Well-being at New Year

How One Woman Changed Her Life In A Year

As Shelley approached another New Year, she decided to set herself a challenge and show her clients that goals, dreams and resolutions can be achieved. She resolved to complete her list one month at a time and to ensure she stuck fastidiously to it she decided to blog the entire year for the world to see. Here’s what happened.

How To Get A Job You Love This New Year

If you’re job hunting, January can be the best time to address your approach to applications. This article will give you the key resolutions that you need to make yourself more employable.

Vitamins & Minerals Key To Maintain Your New Year Buzz

Keeping up New Year's Resolutions can be tough, especially when you are running low on energy. Spatone and Ashton Turner from Enhance Nutrition give you all the tips you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and remain energetic, all year long.


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