Want Your New Year Wasted Or Waisted?

Looking in the mirror on the first day of the New Year, have you ever felt that you look exactly like last year? That another year has passed and you still don't have the ideal hourglass figure you've been dreaming of? So instead of get your New Year wasted, get it Waisted! Waisted UK offer high quality affordable latex waist trainers for women.

With seven different styles in a range of different colours, Waisted UK has seen a huge rise in demand since celebrities such as Kim and Khloe Kardashian credited the product as the secret to their curvy hourglass figures. The continued and growing demand for waist trainers in the UK is only on the increase. The popularity of the product over the past year has allowed the Waisted UK team to expand quickly offering more styles for their growing customer base.

A waist trainer (cincher) is a high compression corset garment which you use around your waist to achieve a slimmer waist faster than usual. Waist trainers help to firm your stomach and hips - along with a healthy lifestyle, they are proven to help tone, support and create the curvy hourglass figure many women crave. The miro-massage of the trainers increase blood circulation and simulate perspiration, they also offer back support and are fully adjustable adapting to your new slimmer waistline.

Waist training is the gradual process of cinching in your waistline to achieve hourglass curves and a smaller waist. The compression of the trainer will help to:

- Create permanent curves

- Aid weight loss

- Firm and tone your core, waist, lower back, and dreaded 'muffin top' love handles

- Improve posture

- Encourage sweat production whilst exercising for increased weight loss

- Aid the fusion of stretched core muscles after pregnancy*


*Please consult your doctor before purchasing if you have had a C section.

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